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First day of visit to Venice

The first day's excursion to Venice is the one presented in the "Visiting Venice in 1 Day" which provides the classic route of the Strada Nova passing through Rialto to take you to Piazza San Marco.

The second day of visit to Venice

Besides the excursion suggested by us for a day, Venice can still be high in other variants from Piazza San Marco you can get back to Piazzale Roma by following many other routes which, no less fascinating, what, crossed the Rialto Bridge with its two lateral stairways and the central staircase with its small shops and after having focused on the highest point and enjoy a unique view of the Grand Canal, you go down the bridge, and past the souvenir stands, you can also see on the right the typical Rialto market, with stalls of fruit and vegetables and fish where sellers call out loud women to convince them to buy their bench, following the paths marked by yellow signs on buildings, cross Campo San Polo, the Frari with the famous church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari keeps inside numerous works of art, the church of Chiesa di San Rocco with alongside the Scuola Grande di San Rocco to arrive in about 10 minutes to Piazzale Roma.

Third day of visit to Venice

Another route to Piazzale Roma can be followed through under the procuratie to Piazza San Marco and take the Calle Larga XXII Marzo, this one lined with designer shops and jewelers. In the middle of the street on the right you can get to the Teatro la Fenice, inaugurated in 1792. Destroyed by fire on two occasions, the last in 1996, is the most important of Venice and the most famous beach of Italy. We then come to Campo Santo Stefano, until you get to Ponte dell'Accademia which, down, to the left you can see the Church of Our Lady of Health, Punta della Dogana and the Guggenheim Collection Museum, while continuing to the right and following the signs for Piazzale Roma always marked by yellow signs placed on buildings, cross the Campo Santa Margherita, surrounded by old buildings and rich in local, to arrive in about 10-15 minutes to Piazzale Roma.

Alternatively, the third day of visit in Venice: visit the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello

A trip very characteristic for our tourist staying for a few more days is the tour of the three most famous Venetian islands: Murano, Burano e Torcello.
Once in Piazzale Roma, take the vaporetto (line 3 or 4.1 or 4.2) and arrive at Murano, famous island for the glass blowing and glassblowers. The Glass Museum is an interesting destination for those who want to know the art of glassmaking. There is also the possibility to visit the glassworks with their "furnaces" numerous and very active to attend the glasswork of the glassmakers.
Also the famous Basilica of Saints Mary and Donato, for interior decorations and its ornamental mosaic floor dating from the time of construction of the Basilica.
Back in Murano "Lighthouse", take the boat to Burano line 12 leaves every half hour.
Burano is famous for its typical colorful houses on Burano lace worked with lace pillow, special tools are used for lace making, as well as the typical sweet "bussolà" and "them." Off the vaporetto continue in the banks that lead to the main street until you get to Piazza Galuppi, the only island. During the tour you can go into stores to see the lace making. A Piazza Square is the Church of San Martino with its bell wrong, the Lace Museum, the Town Hall and the well made entirely of Istrian stone. It is worth to penetrate between the various streets to see the colorful houses that are reflected on the internal channels.
Back landing of Burano, Torcello line to go up the 9 5 minutes. Took to strolling along the avenue that runs along the inner channel, the right is the Devil's Bridge, one of the few without a parapet, arrived in the small square of the island, there are important monuments: the throne of Attila, the Museum of Torcello, the XIV century Church of Santa Fosca, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta with the remains of the Baptistery. The Council Palace and the Palace Archives of the XII century, which houses the archaeological section. Evidence of its past time, when they were in the commercial route with the Eastern Empire.
Torcello, always with the line 9, back to Burano and then continue with the line 12 to Fondamenta Nuove. From here you can take a vaporetto (Line 4.2) to Piazza San Marco (stop San Marco - San Zaccaria) and from here you can go for a walk to Rialto admiring Venice at night. From Rialto return to Piazzale Roma with the vaporetto (line 1 or 2).


...As everyone knows Venice is a city rich in history and art, with countless historic buildings and museums that could be visited. We in our itineraries "suggested" above, we have tried to indicate some of the ones we believe to be the most important and seen by all.
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